[GRASS5] HELP: grass on an 64bit x86 system

Soeren Gebbert soeren at pool.math.TU-Berlin.DE
Mon Jun 7 13:16:53 EDT 2004

dear developers,
excuse my horrible english but i need help:
i compiled grass5.3-cvs and grass5.7-cvs on an AMD64 3000+/512MB with
"Fedora Core 2 64bit Linux" with no problems, but i have the
following problems running either one of grass5.3-cvs AND 5.7-cvs:

* nviz crashes while loading rasterfiles!; vectors and sites(grass5.3) are
  no problem.

* vectorfiles(grass5.0.x format) from projects created on 32bit machines
  are not viewable with d.vect and not convertable, i get the error that
  long is 8byte (thats true, its a 64bit machine) and that i have to run
  v.support, ok but after running several times v.support (with no
  problems) the same error is reported

* vectors (grass5.0.x format) created on the 64bit machine don't make any
  problems, but don't work on 32bit systems :-(

Does anybody have experience with grass on a 64bit x86 machine??

thanks a lot
regards, soeren

soeren gebbert

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