[GRASS5] filtering vector areas

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Thu Jun 24 03:45:42 EDT 2004

On Sunday 20 June 2004 17:38, Otto Dassau wrote:
> Then there is the implemented sides option for v.to.db by Radim. I tried
> this but I don't understand how to use this option because I don't know
> what this option is for - sorry :-(
>  sides - categories of areas on the left and right side of the boundary,
> 'qfield' is used for area category.
> Radim, could you please give an example what this option os for? Maybe this
> is a solution but I don't see it.

You can identify the boundaries which have to be removed from the vector in SQL 
if you have: area type, area size, boundary length, area on the left/right 
side of the boundary. Whithout 'sides' option in v.to.db, it was impossible 
to get area on the left/right side of the boundary. 


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