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Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Sun Jun 27 15:49:16 EDT 2004


In part, I think this is another example of a problem that affects all  
GRASS 5.7 GUI entries that use an argument with spaces.  Commands that  
require such entries include those that ask for sql statements or a  
list of database fields. Somehow g_parser or G_PARSER() is translating  
the single string argument as a list of separate entries. In other  
words, the argument 'field1 int,field2 varchar(20),field3 double'  
becomes 4 arguments "field1", "int,field2", "varchar(20),field3", and  

I tried to report this a week or so back, but perhaps didn't explain it  
well enough. Glynn Clements responded and, if I understand correctly,  
he thinks it is somewhere in G_PARSER().

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On Jun 26, 2004, at 10:01 PM, Multiple recipients of list wrote:

> From: Markus Neteler <neteler at itc.it>
> Date: June 26, 2004 11:45:39 AM MST
> To: Grasslist <GRASSLIST at baylor.edu>
> Subject: [GRASSLIST:3752] Re: db.execute
> On Fri, Jun 25, 2004 at 06:01:53PM +0200, Radim Blazek wrote:
>> On Friday 25 June 2004 17:43, Daniel Isenegger wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> i'm working on a suse 8.2 with grass57 (compiled from source) on a  
>>> local
>>> Grass-DB:
>>> with:
>>> db.connect -p
>>> driver:dbf
>>> database:/data/gis/nfp48/nfp48/ipodlas0.1/grass/grassdata/ 
>>> UpperEngadine/dis
>>> en/dbf
>>> db.select-statement works well
>>> (echo "select defoliatio from defoliation_53_shp" | db.select)
>>> but db.execute statements fail, e.g.:
>>> echo 'create table test_table ("cat" int, "desc" text)' | db.execute
>> 'text' is not supported by DBF, column names should not be quoted, try
>> echo 'create table test_table (cat int, desc varchar(50))' |  
>> db.execute
> Also this suggestion fails (also the command given in the man page):
> echo 'create table test_table (cat int, desc varchar(50))' | db.execute
> DBMI-Postgres driver error:
> Cannot execute:
> create table test_table (cat int, desc varchar(50))
> ERROR:  parser: parse error at or near "desc" at character 35
> WARNING: Error while executing: "create table test_table (cat int, desc
>          varchar(50))
>          "
> (here: PG driver)
> I don't know how to debug it...
>>> also db.driver fails with the error:
>>> error: can't read "opttype(1)": no such element in array
>> db.drivers -p ? Command line or GUI?
> The GUI version gives that error.
> Markus
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