[GRASS5] wiki hijacked?

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 28 04:53:34 EDT 2004

> > http://grass.itc.it/wiki2/
> > Looks to me like someone has been google-bombing the wiki..
> Unfortunately this happens regularly. I have restored the
> front page from google cache (3rd time, it get's worse every
> time...).

> Suggestions:
> - elimitate WIKI

Shame, there is some useful stuff there..

> - find a WIKI maintainer

volunteers? Great opportunity for a non-programmer to help out.
Still a pain long term..

> - change again to a more sophisticated WIKI (suggestions? Must be
>   easy to install!)

Would it be some sort of web-bot doing this or an anti-social human?

Password protecting with something simple (eg "grass") would stop the
automated ones; perhaps making the submitter enter their email address &
compare against registered mailing list names would slow down the human
ones, although I guess it would be easy for them to spoof one of our

maybe a "Thank you for your submission, your computer's
address will be logged. OK/CANCEL" from the http request would slow down
humans? (+ IP blacklist)

perhaps a weekly snapshot -> a linked PDF file for a better backup?

only allow changes when "-" diff lines are less than 10% of 'wc -l' ?

dunno, surely everyone with a Wiki is getting this so someone has a

  tragedy of the commons...


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