[GRASS5] db.execute and min() max()-SQL-functions

Stephan Holl sholl at gmx.net
Tue Jun 29 12:41:11 EDT 2004

Dear developers,

I am trying to figure out my min and max-values of my attribute-date
stored in PG.

steph at kermit:~ > echo "SELECT min(categorie), max(categorie) FROM
DBMI-Postgres driver error:
Cannot execute:
SELECT min(categorie), max(categorie) FROM tk25_9_poly

WARNING: Error while executing: "SELECT min(categorie), max(categorie)
FROM         tk25_9_poly"

Is this not (yet) supported or something else wrong?!

Using psql the same syntax works.

Can somebody point me to the right direction?

Thank you

Stephan Holl

Stephan Holl

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