[GRASS5] Re: [Gdal-dev] ERDAS/IMG driver error for NULL values

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Wed Jun 30 08:25:39 EDT 2004


Paul Kelly wrote:
> This looks like a deficiency in the r.out.gdal script. In GRASS 5.7 now
> the co-ordinate system can be printed in WKT format using `g.proj -wf`.
> I assume gdal_translate has a command-line option to specify the output
> co-ordinate system and this could be easily added to the corresponding
> line in the r.out.gdal script.

To follow up on this, I think it would mean changing the last line in
r.out.gdal from
gdal_translate -of $FORMAT -a_srs '`g.proj -wf`' $CREATEKEY $METAKEY


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