[GRASS5] d.m Tcl/Tk version

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Mon Mar 1 11:58:29 EST 2004

Paul Kelly wrote:

> I tried using d.m in GRASS 5.7 to display a vector map; on clicking the
> 'Vector name' button to browse I got the error
> bad switch "-directory": must be -nocomplain or --
>     while executing
> "glob -directory $path -nocomplain *"
>     (procedure "GSelect_::create" line 35)
> ...
> I checked and -directory only seems to be an option for the glob command
> in Tcl >=8.3 (I have 8.2 installed).
> So I was just wondering
> (a) was d.m written with a specific version of Tcl/Tk in mind and

The version which is on the author's system, probably ;)

> (b) is there a consensus as to what is the optimum
> version of Tcl/Tk to use with GRASS 5.7 (I recall problems with NVIZ and
> 8.4 so is 8.3 the only real option, or have those problems all been
> resolved now?)

I think that we should aim for any 8.x version. I don't expect many
people to still be using 7.x (I'm using RedHat 6.2, which has 8.0.5,
and that's probably considered stone-age by many).

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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