[GRASS5] Fwd: uploading your binaries

Scott Mitchell smitch at mac.com
Tue Mar 2 18:06:49 EST 2004

I'm trying to figure out how (if?) we could easily provide the unix 
version of TclTk to Mac OS X users if they don't have a packaging 
system installed.  I know, there is also the native Aqua Tcl/Tk they 
can install, but that doesn't work with a GRASS binary distribution 
that was compiled for the UNIX model of TclTk.  Many users will have 
TclTk installed as part of some packaging system like fink, or could 
add it to their installation relatively easily, but the idea here is 
that relative newcomers to Unix software on the Mac platform might be 
able to install a grass binary distribution with a minimum of 
"overhead" requirements.  We've handled GDAL by including a shared 
library in $GISBASE/lib, Paul has mentioned that this could be done 
with libproj too, now I'm wondering about Tcl/Tk.

I figured that the simplest way might be to compile it and then provide 
a tarball of the installed files with instructions on how to expand it 
on to the user's system, with a recommendation that it go under 
/usr/local - this keeps things pretty simple.

I imagine this would work, but it got me thinking.... TclTk only uses 
the bin, include, lib, and man directories for installation - if it was 
expanded into the GISBASE directory, would that work?  The idea would 
be to ensure GRASS/tcltkgrass/NVIZ would work on the system with 
minimum change to the rest of the user's system.  And then we also make 
sure that the version of tcl/tk matches what the nviz compilation is 
expecting, and don't have to give instructions re: changing 

Or is that like playing with a hornet's nest?   I vaguely recall 
discussion of problems with including tcl headers in the distribution, 
but don't remember the context and don't really trust the memory.


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Michael Barton <michael.barton at asu.edu>
> Date: March 2, 2004 13:11:34 EST
> To: Scott Mitchell <smitch at mac.com>
> Subject: Re: uploading your binaries
> Scott,
> Do you have any idea where to get a packaged version of tcltk that we 
> could include in a Mac OSX package to avoid having to upload fink (as 
> much as I like fink)?
> Michael
> On Tuesday, March 2, 2004, at 11:04  AM, Scott Mitchell wrote:
>> The version I now have should be at least clean from the 
>> internationalization library, and now I also have some on my portable 
>> that are compiled against GDAL1.2.0 ...  so I guess it would make 
>> sense for me to upload those ones, after the class I'm just now 
>> heading out to teach.  I'm not sure how big the change is in GDAL, 
>> but vaguely recall a list message from Markus advising someone to use 
>> it, so there may be something important.
>> Cheers,
>> Scott
>> ...

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