[GRASS5] WinGRASS questions on NVIZ and GRASS 5.3

Richard Greenwood rich at greenwoodmap.com
Tue Mar 2 23:45:05 EST 2004

Glynn Clements wrote:

> If it doesn't become available on grass.itc.it tomorrow, I'll email
> you a copy (even stripped and bzip'd, it's around 700kb, as Tcl/Tk is
> statically linked).

Thanks Glynn. The size should not be a problem for my incoming SMTP. I 
do not know whether my ability, or inability, to run your binary would 
tell us much, but I would still be interested in trying. A month or so 
ago you listed the versions of Cygwin, XFree, gcc, etc. that you had 
used to successfully build and execute NVIZ, all of which were older 
than I had. I "downgraded" gcc and a couple other things, but I was 
still not not able to execute any version of NVIZ that I had compiled. I 
was not able to find older versions of XFree. Cygwin is a hell of a lot 
easier to "upgrade" than to "downgraded", and I really do not know if my 
problems are version related or elsewhere.

Thanks again,
Richard Greenwood

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