[GRASS5] Fwd: uploading your binaries

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 3 19:50:22 EST 2004

> I agree with your logic completely, it's just that on the Mac OS X 
> platform, at least so far, Apple has seen fit to bundle MOST standard 
> stuff along with its FreeBSD-based system, including everything else 
> you mention (even LAPACK!), but for whatever reason, they do NOT
> bundle Tcl/Tk.  So I went on a search for an easy-to-obtain
> alternative to point people towards, and all I can find are (1)
> package managers like fink that include it, or (2) the "native"/Aqua
> version of Tcl/Tk.
> So for every other platform I've used, I agree that it is likely to be
> on the system already, but not for OS X.
> So I'll play around with including it to see if it works, and either
> do that or set up instructions for installing my compiled version to
> go with the binary dist.

I think it might be quite a bit less work (both near and long term) & a
more correct development path to just go ahead and fix tcltkgrass so the
user can use the Mac version of Tcl/Tk .. then the problem goes away.

NVIZ is another story of course, but getting the main GIS menus working
should take priority IMO.

How does OpenOSX get NVIZ to work if they use Apple's Tcl/Tk ??

Glynn already described the bulk of what needed to be done to tcltkgrass:


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