[GRASS5] discussion on how to package binaries

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Sat Mar 6 13:00:16 EST 2004

Scott Mitchell wrote:

> > 2. Anything which is identifiably a separate package (e.g. Tcl/Tk)
> > should be packaged separately. AFAICT, MacOSX is already well on the
> > way to Windows-style "DLL hell" without us making it worse by silently
> > installing additional versions of common libraries.
> >
> > I'm not sure whether this should apply to PROJ or GDAL. On one hand,
> > they aren't particularly common, and a lot of users won't have any use
> > for them other than GRASS. OTOH, GRASS users are more likely than most
> > to install other GIS packages, which may in turn use PROJ and/or GDAL.
> Along these lines, and other input you've provided, I have been working 
> on the following:  on my "older" OS system, I've removed fink (but left 
> in the XFree86 4.3 that I had used fink to compile), and "manually" 
> compiled/installed the jpeg, tiff, png, GD, FFTW libraries, plus Tcl/Tk 
> 8.4, unixODBC, postgres, PROJ, and GDAL.  Then compiled according to 
> release_rules, except that I added --enable-shared to the configure.
> Then, I went back and reconfigured without --enable-shared, did a make 
> pre-compile and recompiled r.[in,out].png, and "r.tiff", then re-did 
> gmakelinks, make install-strip, and make bindist.  I thought that would 
> create binaries with everything compiled in for those particular 
> import/export routines.  Apparently I misunderstand still, because the 
> resulting programs are still looking for the right .dylib files.

--enable-shared controls whether the GRASS libraries (libgis,
libraster etc) are built as shared libraries. It has no effect upon
which external libraries are used.

> > 4. If Apple provides a curses library, GRASS (and everything else)
> > probably ought to be using their version and not fink's. That applies
> > equally to anything which we use which uses curses (e.g. readline).
> >
> > OTOH, do both Apple's and fink's curses use the same terminfo
> > database? If not, is the database used by Apple's version complete?
> > (specifically, does it include xterm?).
> Yes, I've used Apple's for this, by removing fink and not installing 
> anything else.  I avoided readline altogether, so I've sacrificed it's 
> availability at the r.mapcalc prompt, but IIRC that's the only place 
> it's used?


Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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