[GRASS5] 5.3 Cygwin, Tcl/Tk, NVIZ

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Sat Mar 6 14:20:07 EST 2004

Richard Greenwood wrote:

> A couple things, neither is good news.
> 1. Building 5.3 under Cygwin was successful with the 2004_01_03 
> snapshot, however the 2004_01_10 and 2004_02_28 snapshots both fail in 
> configure as follows:
> checking whether to use Tcl/Tk... yes
> checking for location of Tcl/Tk includes...
> checking for tcl.h... yes
> checking for tk.h... yes
> checking Tcl version... 8.3
> checking Tk version... 8.3
> checking for location of Tcl/Tk library... /usr/local/lib/tcl8.3
> checking for Tcl_Init in -ltcl... no
> checking for Tcl_Init in -ltcl... no
> checking for Tcl_Init in -ltcl8.3... no
> checking for Tcl_Init in -ltcl8.3... no
> checking for Tcl_Init in -ltcl83... no
> checking for Tcl_Init in -ltcl83... no
> configure: error: *** Unable to locate Tcl library.
> Is it possible that something changed in the 5.3 source between
> January 3 and 10 that would cause this?

There were two changes to configure[.in] between those dates:

revision 1.120
date: 2004/01/09 19:57:05;  author: glynn;  state: Exp;  lines: +3 -4
Don't generate makefiles in configure script
Only (re)build makefiles when necessary
revision 1.119
date: 2004/01/05 10:26:25;  author: paul;  state: Exp;  lines: +46 -5
(1) Experimental shared libary support (--enable-gmake=no --enable-shared=yes)
(2) --with-gdal is now the default
(3) startup script now called grass53 (NAME_VER=53)
(4) Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH properly in Init.sh

However, neither of these directly touched the Tcl/Tk checks.

Look for the corresponding error messages in config.log.

> Although 5.3 did build, when running the Tck/Tk interface, I am unable 
> to close any of the dialog boxes. I do not consider it to run well 
> enough to be worth distributing, but Michael Barton had expressed 
> interest in a 5.3 binary distribution, and I am happy to make it 
> available if he or anyone else would like it.

Which window manager are you using? twm doesn't put a "close" button
in the title bar; you have to select "Kill" from the root menu then
click on a window. This probably won't work with a rootless X server.

> 2. I have tried Glynn’s Cygwin NVWISH2.2 dated 3/3/2004 under both 5.0.3 
> and 5.3. Three panels open momentarily before the error pasted at the 
> bottom of this email. Comparing my Cygwin configuration with Glynn’s, a 
> notable difference is that I am using Xfree 4.3 while Glynn has 4.2 and 
> I have not been able to find 4.2 binary installations files to test with.
> A couple very general comments: Until recently I have always run GRASS 
> under Cygwin from the command prompt, rather than Tcl/Tk (and I have 
> only run Nviz under Linux). From the command prompt GRASS has run 
> entirely reliably and given me very good service, but these Tcl/Tk 
> problems are beyond my current ability to contribute much assistance with.
> ==== 3/3/2004  NVWISH2.2 error message ====
> Error in startup script: integer value too large to represent
>      while executing
> "expr int([lindex $range 0])"
>      (procedure "mkcutplanePanel" line 55)
>      invoked from within

This suggests that GS_get_zrange_nz() is returning garbage, possibly
because it can't find a surface.

It could be related to the X server, possibly to its GLX support. Can
you run the "glxinfo" and "glxgears" programs?

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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