[GRASS5] GRASS releases - some remarks

Richard Greenwood rich at greenwoodmap.com
Wed Mar 17 09:32:50 EST 2004

Markus Neteler wrote:
> Hello developers,
> another time I have received new developed source code
> based on GRASS 5.0 - in this case the internationalization
> of tcltkgrass and NVIZ.


Yesterday I built new Cygwin distributions for 5.0.3 and 5.3. I am 
working on a 5.7 build. These are available at greenwoodmap.com/grass, 
or I would be happy to ftp them to you if you prefer.

The 5.0.3 bindist fixes three problems:
1. It includes Glynn's working nviz (I can not build a working nviz on 
my Cygwin installation, and I am not smart enough to figure out why).
2. It includes fftw
3. It includes gd, thus a working PNG driver.

The 5.3 bindist also includes Glynn's working nviz, fftw, PNG, and was 
built from March 13, 2004 snapshot.

There is a 5.7 bindist at greenwoodmap.com/grass build from an early 
January snapshot. You have a link to it from the binary distributions 
page at grass.itc.it.

Regarding the binary distribution directory at grass.itc.it, the 5.7 
directory is named "5.1".

Best regards,

Richard Greenwood

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