[GRASS5] GRASS releases - some remarks

Jean-Denis Giguere jdenisgiguere at fastmail.fm
Wed Mar 17 11:19:06 EST 2004


I'm working on a linux distro called EduLinux. It is developed at 
Sherbrooke University mostly for students of all ages and all domains. I 
have to package GIS related software for this distro.  I wish to improve 
the use of free software in  our departement of geomatic and I think 
that integration of GRASS and other GIS related software in an open 
source desktop system is a good way.

I would like to know wich version of GRASS should I include. Improve in 
5.7 are great and we use a lot vectors in our labs (mostly ArcGis), but 
is it enough stable to use it daily ?

I have two weeks for packaging GRASS and related software (postGIS, 
mapserver, ...). Advices will be very appreciated.

Thank you,

Jean-Denis Giguère
President of the Sherbrooke University Undergraduate Geomatic Students 
Developer for Edulinux

Markus Neteler wrote:

>Hello developers,
>another time I have received new developed source code
>based on GRASS 5.0 - in this case the internationalization
>of tcltkgrass and NVIZ.
>I feel that we either need a release of 5.3 or that
>we should somehow modify the web pages to make clear
>that new developments should be at least based
>on 5.3 (for vectors: 5.7).
>Also, as posted earlier, I received other comments that
>without an official release (of 5.3) they would stick
>with 5.0.
>Sounds a bit unfortunate to me, so let me put again
>into discussion the suggestion to publish a 5.3.0 version.
>[hey: 5.3 indicates *development*]
>Look at the statistics (only HTTP, rsync/FTP not included):
>-> Top 10 of 59396 Total URLs By KBytes (Feb 2004)
># hits
>1 430 /grass5/binary/linux/grass5.0.3_i686-pc-linux-gnu_bin.tar.gz
>2 353 /grass5/binary/windows_cygnus/wingrass_generic/grass5.0.2_i686-pc-cygwin_bin.tar.gz
>3 283 /grass5/binary/windows_cygnus/wingrass_xserver/grass5.0.3_i686-pc-cygwin_bin.tar.gz
>4 388 /grass5/source/grass-5.0.3_src.tar.gz
>5 173 /grass5/binary/mac_os_x/grass5.0.2_powerpc-apple-darwin6.5_bin.tar.bz2
>7 104 /grass5/source/grass-5.0.0_src.tar.gz
>9  62 /grass5/source/grass-5.0.2_src.tar.gz
>I can only see 5.0.x downloads in the TOP10 list.
>While the nice features are in 5.7, most developers work in 5.3
>and the users download 5.0 :-)
>We should improve the situation and make available at least 5.3
>to a wider audience.
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>grass5 at grass.itc.it

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