[GRASS5] color in GRASS

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 23 02:24:57 EST 2004

> As part of my menu updating, I've added some ways to more easily get 
> GRASS output into other programs.
> This involves using the cell driver, coupled with r.out.tiff, and the
> PNG driver. These work well, but the output leaves something to be
> desired. It seems primarily due to a very minimal color-depth
> supported by both of these routines. I've seen a bit of discussion on
> this recently, but nothing definitive.
> How difficult is it to at least get 24bit color (or perhaps even get 
> wild with 32bit) to these output routines? It would be nice to include
> GRASS output that looks as nice as the displays do. Currently, my only
> option for doing this is via xwd.

for the PNG driver, when you do "d.mon start=PNG", does it say:


to turn it on, you need to do:

These both currently fail by the way -- they probably shouldn't:

Now we don't have GD to worry about, should GRASS_TRUECOLOR be set to 
TRUE by default?


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