[GRASS5] color in GRASS - solved for PNG but I don't know why

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Wed Mar 24 13:03:38 EST 2004

Michael Barton wrote:

> >> Now GRASS creates a 332 Kb PNG file that DOES look like the screen.
> >> Clearly it IS now producing a 24 bit graphic image. Apparently, the
> >> truecolor statement in the .grassrc5 file is not parsing correctly on
> >> my system.
> >
> > ~/.grassrc5 isn't relevent here.
> OK. So what's the point of the GRASS_TRUECOLOR variable in the 
> .grassrc5 file?

There isn't any point to having a GRASS_TRUECOLOR setting in the
~/.grassrc5 file. That doesn't mean that you can't set it; g.gisenv
will let you set whichever variables you wish, regardless of whether
they do anything.

> > 'm not sure if the CELL driver is really useful any
> > more. FWIW, you can always use the PNG driver plus r.in.png.
> Is there some way to redirect output from the PNG driver to r.in.png? 

	d.mon start=PNG
	<draw stuff>
	d.mon stop=PNG
	r.in.png input=map.png output=the_map

> It seems to be doing it's thing in the background.

Note that the map.png file is only created when you stop the driver.

> If there is, I could perhaps come up with a way to get 24bit tiff
> output of a display.

Convert map.png to a TIFF file with your preferred graphics package
(Photoshop, GIMP, pngtopnm+pnmtotiff etc).

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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