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Scott Mitchell smitch at mac.com
Wed Mar 24 17:32:05 EST 2004

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I've split this off your mail on another topic and sent it back to the 
development list as a whole - hope that's alright... reply is below.

On Mar 24, 2004, at 11:44, Colleen/Jeff Stubbs wrote:

> On another topic, I have read with interest the thread in the Dev 
> archives on packaging binaries. As nix newbie, I appreciate Lorenzo's 
> efforts in making available a double click-able installer. I am also 
> interested in Scott's binaries that will install in standard 
> locations. There will be an audience for both. Would it not be 
> possible to provide both solutions on the Grass web site? The first 
> would be simple link to Lorenzo's site for total newbies (such as 
> myself, at this point in time). The second would be Scott's binaries 
> and/or web links to necessary libraries and working "/.configure" 
> settings for more advanced users. I realize that the OS X community 
> would have to maintain the second option and ensure that it is 
> current.

That's why I've started the effort of gathering info from various 
people at
http://grass.itc.it/macgrass/macgrass.html - it has a link to Lorenzo's 
site, the start of instructions for getting background software for 
compiling, a link to a so-far non-existent page with instructions for 
./configuring and compiling, and it should also have a link to the 
official binaries and to other places to get the "other" software for 

I realize that much of that is still on the "to do" list - for myself, 
we're heading in to the last 2 weeks of term here, and then I'll be 
able to get more done myself.  I also welcome all the contributions 
others have made in the past and will make in the future :)

Another task in my mental "to do list" is to make some appropriate 
link(s) from the main download page to make the extra info for Mac 
users more visible, and make any new required links to GRASS binaries 
of newer versions - they're uploaded but maybe not linked into the 
table yet.

> Just my .02 USD, feel free to ignore.
> J

Great to have the feedback.

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