[GRASS5] cannot display vector maps in g57

Otto Dassau otto.dassau at gmx.de
Thu Mar 25 07:57:09 EST 2004


I just updated GRASS 5.7 from CSV and unfortunately I cannot 
display or work with any old vector maps. New maps created from raster 
maps etc are ok.   

It doesn't matter if I use command line or d.m. It ends up 
in segmentation violation. The error message in d.m looks like 

child killed: segmentation violation
child killed: segmentation violation
    while executing
"exec d.vect map=vk08smap1filt15g2 color=0:0:0 lcolor=0:0:0
fcolor=170:170:170 display=shape type=point,line,boundary,centroid,area
icon=basic/cross si..."
    ("eval" body line 1)
    invoked from within
"eval "exec $cmd >@stdout 2>@stdout""
    (procedure "Dm::execute" line 12)
    invoked from within
"Dm::execute $cmd"
    (procedure "DmVector::display" line 75)
    invoked from within
"DmVector::display $node"
    ("vector" arm line 2)
    invoked from within
"switch $type {
        group {
            DmGroup::display $node
	raster {
	    DmRaster::display $node
	labels {
	    DmLabels::display $node
    (procedure "Dm::display_node" line 6)
    invoked from within
"Dm::display_node $n"
    (procedure "DmGroup::display" line 11)
    invoked from within
"DmGroup::display "root""
    (procedure "Dm::display" line 5)
    invoked from within
    ("uplevel" body line 1)
    invoked from within
"uplevel \#0 $cmd"
    (procedure "Button::_release" line 18)
    invoked from within
"Button::_release .mainframe.topf.tb0.bbox1.b0"
    (command bound to event)

maybe someone has an idea? 

  Thanks a lot 

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