[GRASS5] research questions

CC902020 CC902020 at ntu.ac.uk
Mon Mar 29 19:20:11 EST 2004

Hello all,

i hope this is not out of order, but i would like to ask the developers of this project a few questions. as part of a group, i am working on a project at university, we are investigating AI in GIS. i was hoping that i could ask some questions on this topic of you, in the hope that we will be able to quote you or perhaps pick up some tips on places to look for further information.

many many thanks in advance to anyone who answers any of these questions, your time is greatly appreciated. again i hope this isn't out of order.

Q. what is your name, and how are you involved with the GRASS GIS project?


Q. in general, how do you feel about the use of AI in the GIS field?


Q. have you used ANNs (artificial neural networks) in your project or seen them used elsewhere in the GIS field?


Q. have you made use of fuzzy logic concepts at all?


Q. are genetic algorithms something you have considered or included in your project?


Q. would your attitude in general be more that AI techniques are overated and not practical, that AI techniques have a valuable role alongside traditional GIS data processing techniques, or that AI is set revolutionise GIS? why is this the case?


ok, i hope we didn't use up too much of your time, thanks again for your help,  best of luck with your project!


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