[GRASS5] Cygwin GDAL (was grass 5.7 windows?)

Richard Greenwood rich at greenwoodmap.com
Wed Mar 31 21:27:04 EST 2004

Markus Neteler wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 30, 2004 at 09:48:17PM -0700, Richard Greenwood wrote:

>>I have put a GDAL 1.2 Cygwin binary at:
>>   http://www.greenwoodmap.com/grass/gdal120/gdal120-29mar2004.tar.gz
>>but I have not tested it yet.
> I tried it - it wants cyggdal-1.dll. I tried to add a link
>  ln -s libgdal...dll cyggdal-1.dll
> but it didn't help.

It seems to work for me. I used the gdal120-29mar2004.tar.gz I created 
last night to install onto a fairly clean Cygwin machine.
    $ gdalinfo --version
    GDAL, released 2004/03/10
    GRASS 5.7.-cvs:~> r.in.gdal -oe F43110E1.TIF out=junk
Also works correctly.

What command were you executing when asked for cyggdal-1.dll?

>>This evening I have reverted my Cygwin build environment back to a gcc2, 
>>and Tcl/Tk 8.3-Grass. (Yesterday I had updated various components of 
>>Cygwin in order to get GDAL 1.2 to build. GDAL 1.2 requires some Cygwin 
>>gcc-g++ component.
> Yes, because GDAL is written in C++.

Yeah, I know. GDAL 1.1.9 used to compile under Cygwin gcc 2.95. I have 
tried to stay with gcc 2.95 for compiling GRASS, but it is no longer 
supported on Cygwin because of problems specific to C++. Are there any 
general suggestions for gcc2 versus gcc3 for compiling GRASS? Right now 
I am trying to have both gcc versions, and also vcc, but it is not very 
handy. I am copying Grass5 in hope of some suggestions.

Richard Greenwood

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