[GRASS5] v.in.dwg, Cannot open database

Kirk R. Wythers kwythers at UMN.EDU
Mon Nov 8 10:00:40 EST 2004

On Nov 5, 2004, at 6:36 PM, Hamish wrote:

>>>> Anyone recognize this one? I'm using the older OpenDWG Toolkit
>>>> (haven't figured out the newer DWGDirect file structure yet).
>>>> GRASS 5.7.cvs:~ > v.in.dwg input=/Volumes/disk2/data2/ccgis/cc1.dxf
>>>> output=Boundary layers=Boundary
>>>> WARNING: The vector 'Boundary' already exists and will be
>>>> overwritten.
>>>> dbmi: db_open_database() not implemented
>>>> WARNING: Cannot open database
>>>>           '/usr/local/share/grassdata/cecr_utm/ccgis/dbf/'
>>>> ERROR: Cannot open database
>>>> /usr/local/share/grassdata/cecr_utm/ccgis/dbf/
>>>>         by driver dbf
>>>> GRASS 5.7.cvs:~ >
>>> Does 'db.connect -p' work?
>> Gives:
>> GRASS 5.7.cvs:~ > db.connect -p
>> driver:(null)
>> database:(null)
> Ok, you need to tell it what kind of database you want the attribute
> data to be stored in, e.g.:
> db.connect driver=dbf database='$GISDBASE/$LOCATION_NAME/$MAPSET/dbf/'
If I issue the db.connect command to the location and mapset that I'm 
trying to read the dxf file into, it correctly shows that there is 
nothing as of yet in the directory dbf:

GRASS 5.7.cvs:~ > db.connect driver=dbf 

  However, double checking with the spearfish dataset, it correctly 
shows the soils database.

GRASS 5.7.cvs:~ > db.connect driver=dbf 

So it looks like db.connect works

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