[GRASS5] back patting

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Sat Nov 20 18:40:08 EST 2004

Hello everyone,

As first appetizer for the results of the GRASS Users Survey, here are some pats on the
backs of all you developers :-) (taken from the comments at the end of the

- Grass is a wonderful tool for educational institutions with limited funds to introduce
students to GIS concepts and capabilities.

- A quand GRASS dans les universités en France ?;Je trouve que grass est
particulièrement pédagogique il faut diffuser cet outil !!!!

- I am happy that GRASS is alive!

- GRASS GIS is the real power. Thank you. :-)

- Congratulations!;the quality and funcionality of the GRASS has turned it useful for us.

- Keep up Boys, the product is Better than many of commercial solutions !

- go on, grass is a must!

- Grass as open source gis is important for who whants to be the real owner of his own
data. Anyway I find it's really a good GIS.

- good work boys! please let 5.7 devel have a warp!!

- Best wishes for this project, with grass I learned what is meant with G I S,

- Great way to give GIS and RS to the developing world. I am trying to see it is adopted
in the Indian education.

- Go team!

- Ánimo, y a seguir desarrollando este maravilloso software

- I have been using grass on and off the last 7 years. (Started with 4.2 and jumped soon
thereafter over to 5 pre something.) It has really been exiting to see the software
evolve in that time period. Now I am using 5.7 just great, especially regarding the
vector functions.

- Keep up the good work.  Grass has great potential

- I think this is a great effort and anyone who has helped should feel proud - keep up
the good work!

- keep up the good work, ladies and gentleman. I really really really appreciate what
you have accomplished so far. Plus, GRASS saved my ass many times now. Thanks all.

- thank you for great GIS system

- Grass is my favourite GIS system.

- Thanks for making such a good software! : )

- I am very fond of the GRASS - R interface. Excellent work!

- Keep up the good work!

One more week to go and than we will start really analysing the results.


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