[GRASS5] g.region to set the boundaries

Vivek Nagvenkar vivek_mlist_q at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 23 06:12:39 EST 2004

Aspect Ratio

We are working on grass version 5.
We have a task of displaying the plots for different
maps on GIS.

Different maps have different sizes i.e North, South,
East and West boundaries.
We are using X,Y Co-ordinate system. All maps are
digitised usingb the same scalling ratio.
As such the maps do not fit into the browser window.
Maps are displayed in different sizes.
We tried using g.region to set the boundaries for
North, South, East and West.

Let me know if there is a way to display all maps in
the same size.

Kindly help us to find a solution for the above problem.

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