[GRASS5] floating AI ASCII GRID import

Maciek Sieczka werchowyna at pf.pl
Fri Nov 26 14:27:58 EST 2004


It's on grass57_exp_2004_11_13 but the problem was in all older Grass 
versions I used.

Problem: 'r.in.gdal' and 'r.in.arc type=FCELL' output a different raster 
than 'r.in.arc type=DCELL'. And the latter outputs a proper one.

I've got a following ArcInfo ASCIIGrid:

ncols         6101
nrows         3201
xllcorner     649.5
yllcorner     849.5
cellsize      1
NODATA_value  -9999
280.2687 280.2776 280.2866 (...)

The value range should be:

And it is the case when 'r.in.arc type=DCELL' is used for importing.

However, if 'r.in.gdal' or 'r.in.arc type=FCELL' is used then:


I suppose there should be no difference. What is the reason?

BTW - I couldn't find a GUI entry for the 'r.in.arc' in the 
File->Import->Raster. Shouldn't it be there?


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