[GRASS5] floating AI ASCII GRID import

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 30 00:03:06 EST 2004

> It would be nice on both GDAL and OGR to hit a button and get a list
> of readable formats. Since GDAL at least generates such a list, this
> should be doable.

A year ago I added support (locally) to r.in.gdal for a -l flag to list
available formats and exit. This was mostly just cut-and-paste C code
from 'gdalinfo --formats'. I never put it in CVS, can do if people want.
v.in.ogr should be a similar exercise. 'gdal-config --formats' is another

v.in.ogr already has a -l flag for listing available layers.

Maybe -f for both? (for "list Formats")


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