[GRASS5] D.vect.graph problem

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Wed Sep 1 02:29:49 EDT 2004

Michael Barton wrote:

> I did what you suggested. When I run d.vect.chart using bar graphs, the
> process (along with a dbf process) very briefly flashes in top then
> disappears as it finishes.
> However, if I do it with a pie chart it is a very different story. CPU use
> zooms up to over 80% for awhile and memory use starts to climb rapidly.
> RPRVT and RSIZE climbed to over 200 Mb (I have 512 Mb installed in my Mac
> laptop and had several other apps running, but paused and using limited
> RAM). VSIZE climbed to over 530 Mb. As memory use climbed, CPU use dropped
> way down (0.8%) and stayed low from then on. Memory use stabilized at around
> 230Mb for RPRVT and RSIZE and 534Mb for VSIZE.
> I had to kill it. Kill worked OK (i.e., no need for xkill), though
> everything was slow as molasses. I went ahead and quit X11 then. Things seem
> to have gotten back to normal now, without rebooting.
> So what is going on? Is this happening to anyone else? Is it just Mac's? Is
> it just my system?

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