[GRASS5] v.digit questions

Otto Dassau otto.dassau at gmx.de
Thu Sep 23 08:16:42 EDT 2004


I have a few questions about v.digit in GRASS 57, maybe I just don't understand some points and someone can help.

a) Why is it not possible to digitize a boundary with one line. Is it a problem that the beginning and end node would be the same? 

b) When I have 2 areas sharing one boundary and I would like to move one area by moving its boundary it doesen't work. The area always is split up and I have to add the missing lines to close the area again. 
I would expect that boundaries of one area belong together and if the area is moved or removed shared boundaries would be copied or deleted etc?

c) I cannot start v.digit on a map that is not in my current mapset. Is this your intention, that people have to copy data first before editing? I mean this makes it more secure but I just think how this is handled with raster data. You edit a map and the result is automatically written to the current mapset.

d) Is there a possibility to undo editing if something goes wrong?

e) Is there a possibility to delete overshoots? I thought of v.clean tool=rmdangle but I am not sure wether a dangle and an overshoot is the same and I guess it is not. I guess there is a v.spag function missing before to use the rmdangle option.

thanks a lot for any comment


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