[GRASS5] ArcView AVL files

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Sep 23 23:37:09 EDT 2004

Joel Peter William Pitt wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to port some GIS data from ArcGIS to GRASS, and
> so far things have been okay. However I have a few questions:
> 1. When I point r.in.gdal to an adf file in a directory,
> does it also read other adf files at the same level?
> E.g. I import w001001.adf from the following list of files,
> since it was the largest but the resulting location also
> contains projection information presumably from prj.adf...
> Files in directory:
> dblbnd.adf  log           prj.adf  vat.adf      w001001x.adf
> hdr.adf     metadata.xml  sta.adf  w001001.adf


The GDAL Arc/Info Binary Grid Coverage reads several files from
the target coverage directory.  At least prj.adf, w001001.adf,
w001001x.adf, and hdr.adf.  I don't believe it uses the others
though I would like to add support for the metadata file at
some point.  There has also been talk of utilizing the vat which
I gather allow relating some sort of attribute table to the cell
values in the grid.

> 2. The raster map in GRASS contains straight integer
> values at each location. In ArcView it was able to
> relate a category to each integer (or range), and I located the
> files that this category information is kept in. These
> have an extension of *.avl and was wondering if GRASS
> has any way of importing this?

There are some interesting projects related to processing AVL files
into form suitable for use in other applications but I don't know the
status of them or if they work with GRASS.  Hopefully someone else will
respond to this.

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