[GRASS5] Let's release 5.4 asap

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 29 19:29:13 EDT 2004

> Putting much efforts into 5.3 (tcltkgrass etc) might not be worth
> the time spent. We have 5.7 and we should concentrate on this version.
> So, what's holding a 5.4.0 release? Any important problems which
> will be fixed *soon*?

Hi, re a cosmetic problem with tcltkgrass

fixing the tcl {quoting} of multiply defined option answers a while back
makes the command preview at the bottom of the tcl menu show options
quoted with {}s instead of ''s for a term. This is done for 5.7, but I
couldn't figure it out for 5.3 (realtime updating) and haven't had the
time to spend on it. I don't think it is very hard but I don't
understand the tcl stuff enough to quickly solve it.

I think cutting and pasting that command to a text file is very
important for learning the different commands & developing scripts, so
it would be really nice if that were fixed.


also there were some problems reported which should be addressed:


minor but IMO important problems, and I'm really busy right now....


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