[GRASS5] r.in.gdal - precision problem in lib/gis/adj_cellhd.c

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 9 22:44:17 EDT 2005

> But the result will be a map with north > 90 in any case.
> If we need a short term solution, I suggest to change the error to 
> warning or maybe a warning for 90 < north < 90.000x and error for
> north 
>  > 90.000x?

Can we establish from that 30" data causing the problem if the top cells
are centered at 90N or at 89d 59' 45" ? Having a row of (non-uniform)
data centered at 90N seems like a mistake in the data creation to me.

I know the ETOPO2 dataset correctly has top edge at 90N after import,
center of top cells are at 89d 59".


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