[GRASS5] [bug #3162] (grass) Can't find libX11.dll

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Tue Apr 19 06:03:48 EDT 2005

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Subject: Can't find libX11.dll

grass binary for platform: Downloaded precompiled Binaries
GRASS Version: 5.7.0

Hello there.
This Jojene Santillan.

My problem is this:

I installed Grass 5.7 + Cygwin.
After the installation, I started the X window and typed grass57.
The reply is this: "This application has failed to start because libX11.dll was not found...."

Later on, I X window displayed this text:

WARNING: The wish command does not work as expected. Please check your GRASS_WISH environment variable".

What should I do?
Where can I find the GRASS_WISH environment?


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