[GRASS5] doxygen

J.C.M. van der Kwast jkwast at freeler.nl
Tue Apr 19 15:32:09 EDT 2005

Hi list,

Allmost a year ago we were discussing the doxygen generated output. I've 
finally finished a script which puts eveything in it's own directory and 
is fully linked against each other.
As you were the only one, ever to express any interest, I'm  hopefully 
not bothering you too much.

To make it easy for you I've put the main directories 
$grass_sources/include and $grass_sources/lib on my webspace here:


I forgot to run ./configure before running the scripts, so some links 
are not made but will when you run configure first (things like in 
config.h). Also in some cases there are double names for structs, 
unions, functions etc. that doxygen cannot handle proper. I will, to 
that purpose, finish another script in a couple of days to make lists of 
those so we can remedy that easily.

If you like it, I can send you the scripts and related files for 
reviewing and maybe uploading to cvs.


J.C.M. van der Kwast
Bsc. Tropical Agriculture

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