[GRASS5] [bug #3166] (grass) bad target region calculations with i.rectify order=3

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Wed Apr 20 01:00:11 EDT 2005

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Subject: bad target region calculations with i.rectify order=3


i.rectify (both 6.0.0, 6.1cvs) is creating rasters with incorrect regions and
resolutions when doing a 3rd order transform. It works fine with 1st or second
order transforms. 'i.rectify -c' (or lower order) is needed to get a good

Starting with unreferenced simple XY map (PNG imported with r.in.gdal)
and re-regioned to positive values with r.region, keeping res=1 pixel.

Target location is lat/lon (both wgs84 and none/intl datums fail)

e.g. eastern boundary ends up being +2 degrees east of what it should be,
resolution is calculated from e-w/cols so that ends up very coarse...
southern boundary is wrong too.

CRS_georef() in imagery/i.rectify/crs.c ?

more info available upon request.


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