[GRASS5] New NVIZ layout

Helena hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Tue Aug 2 21:59:26 EDT 2005


I have updated nviz and tried your changes - it is all great - especiall
the hide pannels feature, tooltip and I am happy to see the surface being
drawn rather than wait untill it "sharpens" which was confusing for large surfaces.

I had few small problems - some may be just me not doing things right -
so others please test the changes too:

- when I hide the pannels and the canvas expands the surface is rendered
at the grid resolution (which is usually set low) - would it be possible to have
it re-render at polygon resolution (or am I missing some button to do that
when pannels are hidden?)

- I was unable to change the numbers in the set canvas size window

- the north arrow still does not work properly for me - maybe due to different
fornts the word North is written accross the arrow in a strange way and
the arrow changes its position in relation to the surface when I move the surface around.

everything else that I tried worked fine, thank you very much for the updates,


Bob Covill wrote:
> Hello,
> I have just applied some changes to CVS for the ogsf lirary, and nviz. 
> These changes include a number of small fixes and a new GUI layout for 
> The changes include the following:
> 1. I have combined the NVIZ menus and the NVIZ window into a single 
> interface which solves some of the problems with windows on top of each 
> other and various packing problems (i.e. windows opening minimized or 
> too small).
> 2. I have added a scrollbar to the menu frame so that some of the larger 
> menus do not disappear off the bottom of a smaller screen.
> 3. I have added a new option "File" -> "Set Canvas Size". This opens a 
> window where the user can manually set the exact canvas (viewing area) 
> size or set it to "Unconstrained". If "Unconstrained" is set the canvas 
> will automatically resize with the main window. Manually setting the 
> size is useful for custom images or animations where a set image size is 
> required.
> 4. I have added an option under "Panel" called "Hide Panels". This can 
> be used to temporarily hide the option menus. To re-open the menus 
> select "Panel"->"Show Menus". Also, opeing a new menu will automatically 
> expose the menus. To make this easier I have also added a small arrow 
> button at the bottom of the scrollbar described above in item 2. Hiding 
> the menus can be useful with the window maximaized (and unconstrained) 
> with the "fly" naviagtion option selected.
> 5. I have re-orgainized the display options under "Main Features" and 
> "Decorations" at the top of the main display panel. Surfaces, vectors, 
> sites, and volumes can all be turned on or off under "Main Features". 
> Under "Decorations" the legend, labels, north arrow, and fringe can also 
> be turned on or off. For example after a legend has been created it can 
> be turned on or off by selected the checkbutton under Decorations. This 
> saves having to open othe menus to turn off a feature.
> 6. I have updated the North Arrow feature. It now has an option for the 
> user to manually set the arrow length (default = 100). Also, the arrow 
> can now be placed either on the surface or outside of the surface.
> 7. I have add a routine that temporily hides the the togl display canvas 
>  while off-screen rendering is taking place. This prevents the togl 
> binding from taking focus while off-screen rendering is taking place. Do 
> not minmize the window while off screen rendering is taking place.
> 8. I have added Tooltip support. I have not completely implemented this, 
> but the main movement panel now has tooltips for most of the options.
> 9. I have changed the color option for cut-plane drawing so that the 
> colors should be drawn correctly.
> 10. General code clean-up in nviz/src to eleiminate some of the compiler 
> warnings.
> If anyone has any questions or problems please let me know.

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