[GRASS5] v.in.ascii

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Wed Aug 10 12:21:10 EDT 2005

Thomas Adams wrote:
> What is the current status of v.in.ascii? There had been email exchanges 
> about a bug and need for a fix. If there is a fix what do I need to do 
> to implement it?

v.in.ascii should work without problems for smaller data sets (by that I 
mean around 500000 points) and in fact with the latest release it should
work up to about 3 million points. We are now testing how far we can get 
if we skip the topology building - it seems to be working for larger 
data sets but becuase every v* command expects the topology to be built 
(although it may not always be needed for point data) more changes need 
to be done (or V_build needs to be changed to free the memory as Radim 
and Hamish indicated - that has not been implemented).

Let me know if you need to work with millions of points, otherwise 
v.in.ascii should be fine in the new release,

> Regards,
> Tom

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