[GRASS5] Dealing with old bug reports: new GRASS 6 bugtracker?

Maciek Sieczka werchowyna at epf.pl
Wed Aug 10 16:57:34 EDT 2005

From: "Bernhard Reiter" <bernhard at intevation.de>

> If you wrote a reply, you can "take" the issue and then
> a reply of the user will be directed to you and you do not miss it.

Indeed. But if I went this way during the cleanup, I would have to "take" a
lot of bugs, while only developers who really fix the bug should "take" them
so they have full control on an issue. Besides, missunderstandings are be
possible - I might be taken for a developer fixing the bug :DDD.

A good solution for me would be simply to CC any message sent to
grass-bugs at intevation.de to my address werchowyna at epf.pl temporarily, so I
keep an eye on everything - those of my particular interest mainly. After
all there is not that much traffic in the RT and I don't mind some extra
spam. That'd be a workarond until you can craft neat, new bugtracker for
Grass. Is my idea hard to implement?

One remark more. I noticed that a "reply" from the RT interface sent as a
"guest" is sent *only* to the RT itself and the bug owner, while the
requestor doesn't get a copy. Only when I "reply" as a registered user
"msieczka" both requestor and owner are CC'ed. Why the difference? I think a
reply from a guest should be taken same as from a registerd user, you never
know who has an idea.


I still think that CC'ing grass5 list all the messages to
grass-bugs at intevation.de by default is a good idea. There could be an option
not to do so if needed, but the default should be to CC in my opinion.
Developers in charge of particular issues come and go, sprain their wrists
;), while any relative information should be discussed ASAP to resolve the
proble possibly quick. Otherwise it is more likely to have 4/5 yera old
zombie bugs like in Grass.

Take a look at QGIS. They have all the bug discussion CCed to their dev list
and although it is some mess in the archive, no doubt, there are positives:

1. folks who might never see the discussion on a particular bug report now
can see it and share their knowledge (and learn - to be more helpfull in
2. it is less likely that the same solutions are doubled
3. those who can't help are better informed, so they can avoid buggy actions
and won't report same bug (or place same comments) that somebody did

We know your opinion. What do other Folks think?


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