[GRASS5] v.in.ascii

Helena Mitasova hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Tue Aug 16 12:47:52 EDT 2005

Radim Blazek wrote:
> On 8/10/05, Helena Mitasova <hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu> wrote:
>>Thomas Adams wrote:
>>>What is the current status of v.in.ascii? There had been email exchanges
>>>about a bug and need for a fix. If there is a fix what do I need to do
>>>to implement it?
>>v.in.ascii should work without problems for smaller data sets (by that I
>>mean around 500000 points) and in fact with the latest release it should
>>work up to about 3 million points. We are now testing how far we can get
>>if we skip the topology building - it seems to be working for larger
>>data sets but becuase every v* command expects the topology to be built
>>(although it may not always be needed for point data) more changes need
>>to be done (or V_build needs to be changed to free the memory as Radim
>>and Hamish indicated - that has not been implemented).
> Please read my previous mails about that, IT IS implemented, 
> and IT DOES NOT call free() by default because it is faster
> and IT CAN free the memory if it is necessary. I wrote that 2-3
> times already.

I meant at the module level, as a user how can I tell v.in.ascii or 
v.build or any other module that builds topology to free the memory
when needed? From your emails it seemed to me
that this option needs to be added to the relevant modules, but I might 
have misunderstood it,


> Radim
>>Let me know if you need to work with millions of points, otherwise
>>v.in.ascii should be fine in the new release,
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