[Qgis-developer] Re: [GRASS5] QGIS GRASS digitizer new crash

Daniel Calvelo Aros dcalvelo at minag.gob.pe
Wed Aug 17 15:30:39 EDT 2005

> > Have you got any idea of where in the QGIS code the update is triggered?
> I completely useles here, sorry. Radim?
> > I'm pretty sure this is a problem with interpreting an update statement.
> > Also, what does an empty char column stand for? NULL? 0-length string ""?
> I don't know what blank char entry is filled with indeed. The funny 
> thing is that QGIS crashes only when I leave the char column blank 
> but fill the numerical entry. If I leave both blank, all is OK.

Is there a debugging facility in QGIS, such as a compiler option or an
environment variable that you could use to gather more information referring
to the error?

I'll just download qgis cvs and browse the source... Will keep you posted.


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