[GRASS5] Trouble with r.watershed -m

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 2 22:26:38 EDT 2006

> > > I am trying to calculate rivers for a rather larger geographic
> > > area in SW  China, so my machine runs out of memory if I use the
> > > in-memory r.watershed. However, r.watershed -m (using disk memory)
> > > fails with the following error  message:
> > >
> > > WARNING: segment_pagein: No such file or directory
> >
> >^^^^^^^^^^^ did you see this exact message with the latest CVS
> >version? i.e. something from the last 3 weeks? That error message
> >code was recently changed (for the better).
> It is the precompiled version 13-02-2006 for cygwin.

Ok, the error message was updated 1 March, and improved since then; the
last change to it was 5 days ago.
> I have figured the message is a crypted way of telling me I am out of 
> diskspace....

No, it is likely that error message was bogus (the read() call did fail,
but the given "why" part was ~random/wrong).  (devs: into 6.0.3 ?)

> > > WARNING: cseg_put(): could not write segment file

you get this when segment_put() fails for some reason in

i.e. you got it because you got the other error message first.

For now try r.watershed without the -m flag. This bypasses all the
segmentation code. (but doesn't help fix the bug)


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