[GRASS5] Re: General and gis.m module running (stdout,stderr,exit status) issues

Benjamin Ducke benjamin.ducke at ufg.uni-kiel.de
Tue Apr 4 08:40:39 EDT 2006

Hmmm, not so sure if I got everything right leading up to
this point.
But GEM itself does not actually interact in any way
with gis.m.
Rather, it works like this (or read the docs that come with GEM):

1. an extension package _may_ contain menu entries for gis.m.
This is a plain ASCII file containing tcl code.
That ASCII file gets copied into $GISBASE/etc/gm/Xtns/

2. gmmenu.tcl sources that tcl snippet into the menu list.

Thus, in whatever way gis.m will handle xterm etc., it's
just a matter of updating one ASCII file in the extension package
to produce the right code.

I think ...

Cedric Shock wrote:
> Cedric,
>>Alternatively, and more in line with ...
>>... If GEM has commands for menu listings 
>>just like ours then changing execute as described above will solve it all.
> Putting the xterm information in the execute command isn't really enough; 
> gui.tcl (run via parser.c) wouldn't know in which manner to run a program 
> that needs an xterm. GEM would certainly need some modification if this 
> avenue were persued.
> Replying to myself in style,
> --Cedric
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