[GRASS5] gis.m (2006.03.24): kudos and bugs

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Tue Apr 4 14:24:24 EDT 2006

OK. I'll have to try this out. But this is how I want to change over
formatting in the GIS Manager. As soon as I have a computer up and running
again (soon I hope), I'll start in on this.

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> From: Cedric Shock <cedricgrass at shockfamily.net>
> Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 11:20:11 -0700
> To: Michael Barton <michael.barton at asu.edu>
> Cc: <grass5 at grass.itc.it>
> Subject: Re: [GRASS5] gis.m (2006.03.24): kudos and bugs
> Michael,
>> The options panes in the GIS Manager main window. I just need the code you
>> use to make mouse wheel bindings work in this area.
> Sorry, I haven't gotten to this yet.
>> We need to standardize on colors and put them in options.tcl. Here is my
>> suggestion. I'm open to alternatives.
>> GIS Manager and all window frames set by $bgcolor (or new equivalent).
>> Currently this defaults to "honeydew".
> The tk options database can control virtually everything from one place if and
> only if we don't set the attributes we want to control. That means no colors,
> no fonts, no colors set from global variables, etc.
> Examples of labels that are impossible to control from the options database:
> label .label0 -text "Unchangable Foreground" -fg darkblue
> label .label1 -text "Unchangeable Font" -font fontname
> label .label2 -text "Unchangable Background" -bg $bgcolor
> label .label3 -text "Unchangable Everything" -bg $labelbgcolor -font
> $labelfont -fg $labelfg ...
> Example of label that can and will get font, foreground color, background
> color, justification, anchoring, etc. all from the tk options database if
> they are specified:
> label .label4 -text "Correctly Styled Label"
> This can be centrally controlled by commands like these:
> option add *Label.background grey
> option add *Label.foreground black
> option add *Label.font uifont
> Example of a bunch of labels that are really great for the tk options database
> because they have distinctive, meaningful names.
> label .layer0.layertypedescription -text "Raster"
> label .layer1.layertypedescription -text "Vector"
> label .layer2.layertypedescription -text "Raster"
> label .layer3.layertypedescription -text "Compass Rose"
> ...
> These can all be centrally controlled by commands like these:
> option add *layertypedecription.foreground red
> option add *layertypedecription.font typedesctiptionfont
>> Options areas, including options panes, button bars, tabbed frames, and
>> similar: set to grey (or a variable)
> Just like for everything else, don't set them when the widget is created, even
> with global variables. We can control them with the tk options database.
> This command will set the background color of every entry box inside any
> widget named optionpane to be red:
> option add *optionpane*Entry.background red
>> Widgets where the user needs to enter something, including entry widgets
>> and text widgets: set to white (or a variable)
> This is done magically by the following in options.tcl, as long as background
> and font are not specified on Entry and Text widgets:
> # Entry widgets and text widgets should have a white background
> option add *Entry.background white
> option add *Text.background white
> option add *Entry.font textfont
> option add *Text.font textfont
> I hope this is starting to get clear. There is no really decent documentation
> of the tk option command anywhere; the tcl 8.5 manual page is the first
> version of the manual to have a single measly example. These are what I had
> to go on when I sorted it all out in my head:
> http://www.tcl.tk/man/tcl8.5/TkCmd/option.htm
> http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~fellowsd/tcl/option-tutorial.html
> http://www.itworld.com/AppDev/4061/UIR000721regex/
> --Cedric

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