[GRASS5] v.vol.rst again

Stefán István stefi at geohidroterv.hu
Wed Apr 12 06:40:17 EDT 2006


I still have problem with the v.vol.rst.
As far as I know (and it is also been written in the documentation) if I set 
the smooth parameter to 0, the resulting surface should pass exactly through 
the data points.
In my case the range of the data values is from 10 to 35900 and the resulted 
volume contains data from -15570 to 28796.
The overshoot in the minus direction is ok, I think it should be adjusted with 
the other parameters of the interpolation. But in the positive direction it 
should reach the maxinum value of the data points, otherwise the resulted 
surface does not pass through the datapoints.

Thank's for the help in advance,

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