[GRASS5] Why does v.label require an x display?

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 15 21:00:41 EDT 2006

> I¹m working with creating a TclTk version of d.label to make postscript text
> labels (rather than raster text labels) available in the GIS Manager.
> I just tried v.label to make a new set of labels and found that it won't run
> unless an x display is open. No need to have anything showing in the x
> display, it just has to be open.
> Is this really necessary? If not, can it be changed?

my fault, I'll see if I can change it.

    if(FontSize->answer) {
        fontsize = atoi(FontSize->answer);

        /* figure out space param dynamically from current dispay */
        if(Along_flag->answer) {
            if (R_open_driver() != 0)  /* connect to the driver */
                G_fatal_error(_("No graphics device selected"));

            /* Read in the map region associated with graphics window */
            space = fontsize / D_get_u_to_d_xconv();  /* in earth units */

        fontsize = 0;


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