[GRASS5] R_color vs R_standard_color

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 18 06:58:16 EDT 2006

> Is there any real difference between R_color and R_standard_color?
> Take this example (d.bargraph's background color):

Again, most of the RGB settings from color= options in the modules was
added by me not too long ago as minimally invasive bolt on hacks and you
shouldn't read too much into it. i.e. to avoid having to redo all the fn
prototypes when the draw command is done in a function via passed
variables, as the color table is "global". No other great logic behind
doing it this way and probably not how you'd do it if RGB support was
there from the beginning. It would have been better to have a RGBCOLOR
struct from day one, as would having your current cleanups at that time.
But as it was I worked within the existing framework. As I went through
the modules the method improved slightly, and used what seemed
appropriate for each module, which confuses things a bit more.

> int color1;
> const int customBGcolor = MAXCOLORS + 2;
> ...
> Then either
> R_reset_color(customBGcolor, R, G, B);
> color1 = customBGcolor;
> or (essentially)
> color1 = D_translate_color (...);
> happens. So now color1 is either a number on the range 1 to MAXCOLORS
> if the  color came from translate_color, or it's MAXCOLORS + 2 if a
> color was  provided and set. Later, when drawing the box, the
> following is done:
> if(color1 > MAXCOLORS)	/* ie custom RGB color */
>     R_color(color1);
> else
>     R_standard_color(color1);
> Is this because:
> a.) colors and standard colors really are completely separate but both
> are being handled using a single integer with a divided range than a
> struct.
> b.) In the past they were different but now they are the same.
> c.) Something else I'm failing to imagine.

d) as above. I considered 0 to MAXCOLORS to be standard, anything above
that to be a C legal sandbox.

At the time it worked and didn't break anything. The "global" aspect
of the color table lead to simple patches, which I liked.

Note I never updated d.legend to allow color=RRR:GGG:BBB, as that would
cause problems in the scale. I'd urge you to look at it and understand 
why. (d.legend may be a bit of a nightmare for someone who likes
breaking things up into smaller functions ;) but I'm happy with it,
fragile as it might be.)


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