[GRASS5] R.cost and r.walk

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Tue Apr 18 11:21:18 EDT 2006

Michael Barton wrote:

> A couple of questions about r.cost and r.walk.
> Does r.walk include r.cost functionality? If not, should they be
> merged? They seem to overlap a lot. Maybe it just needs a flag (and of
> course relevant code) to switch from isotropic to anisotropic costs?


I cc to Steno Fontanari who can give us more details as core author of

> Is r.walk compiled by default? It doesn’t seem to show up in the
> current generic linux binaries or in the Debin binaries. It is in the
> Mac binaries, however.

Yes, it is compiled by default. No idea why it shouldn't show up also in


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