[GRASS5] some code cleanup?

marcos boullón magán marcosboullon at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 11:57:24 EDT 2006

Hello everyone,

In my work of this week I found some annoyities in GRASS source code,
version 6.1 cvs (updated on Monday), that could be easily removed for
the sake of consistency.

Case 1. In the aprox. 300 GRASS commands, the following ones don't
honour the "--help" parameter (instead, they try to run): g.setproj,
i.ortho.photo, v.build.all, d.rast.edit, d.redraw, i.class, i.points
(and I get the message: "ERROR: The parser doesn't work here.") and

Moreover, the last five also complain if a graphics monitor is not
running, although the "--help" parameter should work without it.

BTW, Why the help messages go throught stderr instead stdout??

Case 2. There exists the help file, but the command doesn't build.
That is the case for: db.createdb, db.databases, db.dropdb and

Case 3. There exist the directory, maybe with a Makefile, but the
command doesn't appear later: i.ask (in fact, it compiles but install
process put it in GRASS /etc directory instead /bin directory; is it
an internal command? it has no help), i.find (the same happens; it
goes to GRASS /etc directory), r3.mapcalculator (renamed to
r3.mapcalc?), r3.showdspf, r.carve, r.grow2, r.le, r.mask,
r.terraflow, r.univar2, s.in.ascii, s.out.ascii, v.in.dwg, v.lrs and

Case 4. Also related to a previous message from Ari Jolma, I tried to
use the SWIG interface generation for GRASS and found that in file
"gisdefs.h" several function prototypes are defined, but the functions
are never implemented (or yet deprecated) in the GRASS source tree.

They are: G_ask_datum_params(), G_def_window(),
G_ellipsoid_grid_dist(), G_ellipsoid_grid_dist() (defined twice),
lzw_decode(), lzw_expand(), G_lzw_nof_read_bytes(),
G_lzw_max_used_bits(), G_lzw_set_bits(), G_lzw_compress(),
G_lzw_expand(), G_lzw_compress_count_only_array(),
G_lzw_compress_count_only_file(), G_lzw_write(),
G_lzw_write_noCompress(), G_lzw_test_status(), G_lzw_read2(),
G_lzw_read(), G_lzw_transfer_compress(), G_lzw_transfer_expand(),
G_open_support_old(), G_fopen_support_old(), G_open_support_new() and

Also, in file "gis.h" the object CELL_NODATA is defined but never used in GRASS.

Hope it helps someone,


-- marcos boullón magán

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