[GRASS5] hydraulic model tools

Brad Douglas rez at touchofmadness.com
Fri Apr 28 18:44:26 EDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-04-28 at 11:06 -0700, Raymond Burns wrote:
> Hi
> Somewhere between 5.3-7 and 6.0-1 , a number of hydraulic modeling
> tools were left out of the CVS tree. 
> Are there reasons (beyond time, workers and interest) to not overhaul
> and bring back some or all of these tools ?  Are they being worked on
> as part of a raster revamp ?

It's been a problem of too much code and too few active developers. :(

> I have been working on r.hydro.CASC2D with some results. The patch
> would be a little bit large to just throw on the mailing list and I am
> wondering just what to do with it.

You can send to me directly if you like.  I'll review it and commit
working code.

Also, if you have a test scenario(s) (preferably with Spearfish
dataset), please forward that as well.

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