[GRASS5] Platform for next generation UI

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 1 17:52:36 EST 2006

Could the newly added SWIG interface be used as hooks to build a powerful PyQt
frontend using GRASS's existing lib fn's?


Seems to me* like a quick & non-invasive way to get where we want in a hurry.
Combine with the G_parser() --xml-description(s) for raster/vector modules &
"just" reimplement the d.* and g.* modules in the GUI?

[*] but I don't know SWIG, Python, or Qt ... Python appears to be pretty
accessible & maintainable though and would be where the majority of the coding
work would take place.

as to whether this ends up as just a QGIS clone, I leave to others to ponder.



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