[GRASS5] Rename of development mailing list?

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Tue Jan 3 12:07:41 EST 2006

Dear all,

since the name of this mailing list 'grass5' seems to become
inappropriate, I suggest a renaming of development mailing list
 grass-dev at grass.itc.it

I can define an alias to keep the current grass5 at grass.itc.it
address working.

During this month the grass.itc.it server will be
replaced with a new machine and I'll have to 
setup all services, mailing lists etc from scratch.
This includes a migration to a recent Mailman version.
I am not sure yet if I should rebuild it from scratch
of if there is any chance to smoothly migrate from
Mailman 1.x to 2.x (to preserve the archive links).

All other updates will be less significant to the
GRASS community, just some work to set up things here.

Any opinions?


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