[GRASS5] GRASS 6.0.2RC4 released

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Fri Jan 6 18:06:55 EST 2006

GRASS 6.0.2RC4 released

Two important fixes made it necessary to create a new
package, one of them was not fixed in RC3.

GRASS 6.0.2RC4 was released today:
      12043 Jan  6 23:50 AUTHORS
     134369 Jan  6 23:50 ChangeLog_6.0.2RC4.gz
         56 Jan  6 23:50 grass-6.0.2RC4.md5sum
    8641000 Jan  6 23:50 grass-6.0.2RC4.tar.gz
       6687 Jan  6 23:50 INSTALL
       6489 Jan  6 23:50 REQUIREMENTS.html
      10343 Jan  6 23:50 SUBMITTING

It will be available from the mirror sites within
48h from now.

New in RC4:
    * new bugfix for 'builddemolocation target' in Makefile
      when building as root (RPMs etc)
    * bugfix to remove leftover object files

Please test as much as possible. If everything works
as expected, we can release it officially, otherwise
a release candidate 5 will be necessary.

Announcement with list of changes:

Best regards


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